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Do you have a mortgage that you can not pay?

Did you press the Bank will proceed to prosecute your defaults?

Abogados Barcelona dacion en pago

Whatever the circumstances that led you to this situation. If you can not pay your mortgage and want to try delivering housing payment to the bank, we negotiate payment in kind.

Notary signing .

Leaving your debt settled.

In payment of the mortgage

Currently, because the economic crisis has led in recent months to a large number of Spanish families to suffer a process of seizure of their property, with the aggravating circumstance that if the current value of the home does not cover the entire debt contracted, it still has a debt with the bank, one of the concepts that is on the lips of many people as an alternative to ease this problem is in lieu of payment.

What is payment in kind?

Payment in kind is the delivery of goods in exchange for settling outstanding debt. It is an alternative to foreclosure, whereby the financial institution follows the steps established by the Mortgage Act to proceed with the forced sale of the property who offers more money for it at a public auction in order to collect the debts.

With the figure of the payment in the bank can take for mortgage debt extinguished with the change of ownership of the property for you.

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